Club Swimming

Friday Night Swimming

Trying for the first time?

Two Free Trial Nights

All interested swimmers are welcome to attend 2x trial Friday night sessions to assess their suitability to the club's program and the racing environment. There is no minimum age limit, however children must be able to swim the length of a 25m pool. Please see the Trial form that is available to assist with booking the trial swims for your child.

All interested parents are asked to come to the Recording Table (located at the end of the teaching pool) around 6pm on Friday evenings during our swimming season. Our helpful recorders will enter the children into a maximum of three races and organise the second trial.

Once the two Friday night trials are completed and the child is interested in joining the Castle Hill RSL Dolphins Swimming Club, parents will need to register their child and pay the necessary membership fees.

For Registration Information and Membership Fee Structure, please click here



We have a series of four Friday Race Programs, which are cycled throughout the swim season. These Programs aim to give the swimmers access to all swimming strokes, events and distances at some point during the cycle.

Entries for Friday night programs are submitted via the Dolphins website, and must be entered before 9:00pm on the preceding Wednesday night.

For details of the current Friday Night Programs please click here


Start and Finish Times

We suggest that parents bring their children at approximately 6.15pm on Friday nights to allow for a warm up swim. Several lanes of the main pool will be allocated for warm up before the programmed start time of 6.30pm each week. If you only enter your child in 25m events you will be finished around 7.30pm; otherwise you should finish by 8.00pm approximately.

You are required to remain at the pool while your child is racing, as the Club is not a child-minding service. You are also strongly encouraged to volunteer to help out on the poolside, for example as a timekeeper for one of the lanes. Without the help of parent volunteers, the club cannot successfully function.



Your child will be placed in races to match their swimming ability, not their age. If your child is under 10 years of age, they must start with 25m races and achieve qualifying times in order to progress up to 50m events. Children older than 10 years may start with 50m races if they wish. Qualifying times are available on the Dolphins Club website. To view these click here

The first time a child swims a particular distance in a stroke they will be placed in the slowest heat (first race) and have their Entry marked as "Time Trial". The next time they swim, the time achieved in previous races will be used and they will be placed in a heat with swimmers of similar speed.



There is no cost for the two Friday night trials.

After the trials, for children to continue swimming in Friday night races, they must register with Swimming NSW and join the club. Once the swimmer is registered as a club member, all Friday night entries will be covered by the Registration Fees.

Please note that registered members under the age of 17 MUST have a parent or guardian registered with SNSW and CHRD as a "non-swimmer" as  minimum.


Point Scores

Once you have registered your child with the club, a point score will be accumulated each time they swim. The more they improve the more points they will earn! At the end of the swimming year Point Score trophies will be awarded in age categories.


Club Championships

Each year, our club championships are held at the end of the summer season. A child needs to have swum a minimum of at least 50% of the summer season to be eligible to participate. There is no minimum attendance requirement to be eligible to swim in the Club Winter Sprint Carnival, which is held at the end of the winter season.

[Note: for the 2020 Summer Club Championships (only), the minimum attendance requirement and the entry fees have been waived by the committee, due to the extended closure of the CHS pool. Entries are open to any swimmer who has registered as a club member before 1st March 2020].


Club Carnivals

Castle Hill RSL Dolphins members will have plenty of opportunity to participate in other Club invitation carnivals. Details of these will be posted on the club website or on the Castle Hill Swimming pool noticeboards as they are made available. Talk to your child's coach about which carnivals are appropriate for your child.


District Events

Our club belongs to the Swimming Metro North West (SMNW) District and all Dolphins swimmers are encouraged to participate in the SMNW Championships held in both summer and winter.

The Speedo Sprint Series is another great carnival for swimmers up to 13 years of age.

The RSL Zone 4 State Trials, held towards the end of the year are a great opportunity for swimmers of all levels to experience racing in a 50m pool.

Friday night racing also offers an opportunity for our members to attempt to qualify for Metropolitan and State Championships, held each season. The club makes considerable efforts to ensure that our Friday Night Programs are managed by qualified Technical Officials and official timing systems so that each week's results can be promptly submitted to Swimming NSW as official results.