Every Club Night requires many volunteers to ensure that it runs smoothly, and that all of the swimmers are able to swim. The following are the main "Technical Official" roles that are needed for every club night:

Starter - every race needs a Starter. Accredited Starters are highly sought after.

Referee - ensures that the meet is conducted in such a manner that it is fair to all competitors.

Recorder - sets up the meet on the computer, and records all results for future use.

Marshall - ensures that all swimmers are marked as present and that they all get the best opportunity to swim.

Check Starter - makes sure that the swimmers are in their correct lane.

Timekeepers - arguably the most important role at a meet, ensuring the swimmers times are recorded accurately. The club needs at least 12 timekeepers each race night!

Judge of Stroke - checks that each swimmer swims in accordance with the Swimming NSW rules.


As several of our senior swimmers have recently retired, the club has also lost several qualified Technical Officials (their parents). The club needs the involvement of more parents, to ensure that all swimmers are all given the chance to swim.

If you'd like to become more involved in your child's swimming, most of the above courses are available ON-LINE.

Your child will thank you for it!