Friday Club Night Race Entries


For details of what events are included in our Friday night races, please see "Friday Club Night Program Information" in the dropdown menu under "Club Swimming" on the Menu Ribbon.


To enter Friday Club Night races please log on to Swim Central and follow the steps detailed below.


  1. Click on the Family Admin name (at the top of the Family Tree)
  2. Enter your Pin number (provided by SNSW)
  3. Select the swimmer in your family tree that you wish to enter
  4. Go to Events - a calendar will appear
  5. Click on the date of the Friday club night you wish to enter - an Event will appear. Click on the Event (club night) you want to enter
  6. Details will appear to the right of the calendar
  7. Next to the details heading is a “Nominate” button - click it
  8. The available race events will appear on the left hand side of the page
  9. Click on the first event the swimmer wants to enter (1 event at a time).  If there is a qualifying time it will show and it will inform you if the swimmer qualifies or not
  10. Click on the orange "Add to Trolley” button
  11. Complete this for the other 2 races (if desired)
  12. When race nominations are completed click the orange "Go to Trolley" button
  13. The races chosen will appear. You must then click “Agree to T&C” and then “Checkout
  14. It will lead you to a payment page where credit card details are required - please note, despite having to enter payment details the cost is still $0
  15. Once payment of $0 is received the member will be entered for the race night
  16. If you wish to enter a second swimmer, click “End Impersonation” and return to the Home Page, where you can select the other swimmer, and repeat the process.


If you encounter difficulties in entering Friday Club night races and require manual entries to be made, please contact

Make sure you list the swimmer's name, DOB and desired events (plus their best time, if known).


2019 / 2020 Club Nights dates are shown on the "Friday Club Night Program Information" page. All entries are now through Swim Central.