Club committee

Office Bearers


President Shane Hurley
Vice Presidents Deborah Heming
Club Secretary Ingrid Marchant
Treasurer Beverly Watts
Registrar Christine Culnane


Other Members


Race Secretary John Oates
Publicity Officer Melanie Morson
Social Secretary Vacant
Elected Member Iian Cox


Other Club Positions


Welfare Officer Angie Soliman
Chief Recorder Deb Hemming
Technical Official Ron Brettle
Carnival Convenor John Oates
Club Clothing Di McGualley
Newsletter Editor Matthew Rofe
Website Editor Maria Stankova
Club Records Graham Taylor  
Delegates to SNSW Shane Hurley  
Delegates to SMNW Shane Hurley  
Delegates to CHRSL Jnr Sports Club Shane Hurley, Beverly Watts  
Delegates to RSL Zone 4 Iian Cox  


C2K Swimming
Castle Hill RSL Group