Club Committee

Office Bearers (2018 to 2019 Season, as appointed at the AGM on 3 Sept 2018)


President Iain Cox  ic
Vice President (1) Ricardo Fogolin
Vice President (2) VACANT    
Club Secretary  Ingrid Marchant  Ingrid Marchant 
Treasurer VACANT
Registrar Angie Soliman


Other Members


Race Secretary (acting) Iain Cox 
Communications / Media Officer Michelle Smith 
Social Secretary Louise Craig
Elected Member Joanne Saliba


Other Club Positions


Welfare Officer Angie Soliman
Chief Recorder Ingrid Marchant
Technical Official Ron Brettle
Carnival Convenor POSITION SUSPENDED  
Uniforms Officer Christine Culnane
Newsletter Editor Merged with Comms / Media Officer 
Website Editor Iain Cox (acting) TBA
Club Records Graham Taylor  
Assistant Secretary Sarah Wearne TBA
Assistant Race Secretary Andris Galvins TBA
Delegates to SNSW Iain Cox  
Delegates to SMNW Iain Cox, Ingrid Marchant, Andris Galvins  
Delegates to CHRSL Jnr Sports Club Ricardo Fogolin, TBA  
Delegates to RSL Zone 4 Iain Cox, Ricardo Fogolin, Andris Galvins  


CH Swimming
Castle Hill RSL Group