Existing Member Registration

As with previous years, all registations for the Dolphins Swimming Club will be completed online via the Member Portal on the NSW Swimming website.

All existing members will need to use their Logon ID and Password to be able to register their membership. If you do not have your Login details, please e-mail our Registrar via


New Member Registration

For all new member enquiries, please email our Registrar via 

If you are ready to initiate the registration process, please click the image below to access the NSW Swimming Member Portal for registration transactions.



Membership Fees 2016 - 2017


The following fee structure was accepted at the Club AGM, 14th Sept 2015.

1 swimmer $180.00
2 swimmers $360.00
3 swimmers $525.00 (Family Discount of $15.00)
4 swimmers $690.00 (Family Discount of $30.00)
Non-swimmers $26.00
2nd claim swimmers $50.00
Winter season membership $110.00



All Friday Night entries are INCLUDED in the Registration Fee. We strongly encourage each family include a non-swimmer membership for a parent or guardian.


Annual membership fees will include:

Winter membership fees will include:


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