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Castle Hill RSL Dolphins Swimming Club is proud to be closely linked with Castle Hill Swimming (CHS), whose coaches provide strong support and guidance to all Dolphins swimmers during training, competition and also club activities and programs.


Gemma Goldhagen

Gemma joined the CHS team earlier this year from Knox Grammar. She has had the opportunity to work under some very experienced coaches, which has made her a highly skilled and proficient coach. Gemma sets a high standard for herself and her swimmers, and already our younger Dolphins swimmers are producing great performances as a result.


Gemma, under the mentorship and guidance of several leading coaches in Swimming NSW, will run the Senior Squad (formerly called the Peak Performance and Performance programs) at CHS. She is supported by a strong pool (no pun intended) of junior up-and-coming coaches, some of them ex-Dolphins swimmers themselves, providing a new and fresh dimension and approach which will greatly benefit the Senior and Junior swimmers in our club.




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