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Castle Hill RSL Dolphins Swimming Club is proud to be closely linked with Castle Hill Swimming (CHS), whose coaches provide support and guidance to all Dolphins swimmers during training, competition and also club activities and programs.


Greg Morrison, Head Coach

Greg is the CHS Head Coach, with over 25 years of experience in the field of coaching and fitness. With impressive qualifications and credentials, a history of coaching swimmers to success at elite competition level, coupled with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Greg now oversees the coaching program at CHS and is directly responsible for the coaching of senior-level swimmers who train at CHS, most of whom are CHRSL Dolphins club members. Greg also provides mentoring and guidance to the Assistant Head Coach, Adam.


Adam Cowie, Assistant Head Coach

Adam, the CHS Assistant Head Coach, has come to CHS, having relocated from Perth, Western Australia to continue to develop and progress his coaching career in NSW. An ex-swimmer himself, Adam has over 14 years' experience in swimming coaching. Since joining CHS, Adam has focused on improving the abilities of the Performance, Junior Performance and Platinum . Diamond level swimmers, again most of whom are CHRSL Dolphins club members. Adam has formed a great relationship with CHRSL Dolphins club, attending many of the carnivals, and providing poolside guidance to swimmers of all levels.


Gemma Goldhagen

Bio to follow...




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